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A mission of excellence held for over 30 years.

Seven Kings Holdings, Inc.'s mission is to develop and maintain the finest in marina assets, commercial properties, industrial parks, and residential communities, and to preserve ecological concerns, while implementing economically sustainable and sound development practices. The company’s professional team of financial, real estate, governmental compliance, and other real estate management and development specialists is able and committed to providing solutions to any real estate problem.

Our History

Seven Kings Holdings, Inc. and its principals, J.C. Solomon II and Raymond E. Graziotto, is a private real estate development and management firm, recognized for its reputation for creating, acquiring, holding, and managing marina, resort, multifamily, industrial, and commercial real estate assets and communities. Principals of the Jupiter-based Seven Kings have more than three decades of experience in real estate development and sales, and acquisition, management, and operation of (1) marina facilities, (2) luxury residential, multifamily, and resort communities, (3) commercial properties, and (4) hospitality assets.

Seven Kings won the Beacon of Light "Marine Project of the Year" award from the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County for the $25 million Loggerhead Marina – Riviera Beach project, within a landmark $180 million development project. This was the first project funding the CRA and redevelopment plan for the City of Riviera Beach.

The Company stems from entrepreneurial spirit, combined with grassroots experience in land acquisitions, development, and management of properties. Founding partner and CEO, J.C. Solomon II, started his real estate career in the mid-’70s, working in real estate development and hotel management, and founding Cedars of Lebanon, the original parent company.

Involved in mobile home sales and property development in West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, Mr. Solomon is credited with ownership and management of the largest mobile home park and dealership in West Virginia, and the largest such sales endeavor in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. By the late 1970s, Mr. Solomon expanded the scope of services to include development and management of apartment complexes and office space. Over the past 25 years, Seven Kings and its affiliates have developed, acquired, and managed 12 Loggerhead Marina facilities, over 3,000 multifamily units, over 400,000 square feet of office space, and four hotel properties. Specializing in buying bank portfolio properties and converting under performing assets into well-managed, profitable business units, the Company then expanded to hotel development and management. Mr. Solomon further led growth into single family, multifamily, and office development, and relocated to Florida in 1989.

Seven Kings has a history of being able to identify and create value in under performing assets, purchasing such properties, and transforming them into valuable, top-performing portfolio holdings. This transactional and transformational ability has been demonstrated in a wide range of successful developments and acquisitions ranging throughout Florida and nationally.

In 1995, Seven Kings acquired its first marina property. From 1976 to 2017, the Company acquired and/or developed unique projects with a combined asset value of over $400 million. A partial list includes Loggerhead Marina – St. Petersburg, Loggerhead Marina – Daytona Beach, Loggerhead Marina – Vero Beach, Loggerhead Marina – Stuart, Loggerhead Marina – Jupiter, Loggerhead Marina – Palm Beach Gardens, Loggerhead Marina – Riviera Beach, Loggerhead Marina – Lantana, Loggerhead Marina – South Lantana, Loggerhead Marina – Hollywood, Loggerhead Marina – Aventura, Loggerhead Marina – Miami, Jupiter Yacht Club, Uno Lago Apartments, Euro-Suites Hotel, Palomino Park Professional Center, One Harbor Place, and Caribbean Jack’s Restaurant & Bar.

In April 2017, Seven Kings Holdings sold 11 of its marinas throughout Florida. The transaction included over 2,300 wet and dry slips and multiple restaurants located in luxury locations stretching from Miami to Daytona Beach, and on Florida’s West Coast. As Loggerhead is a well-established brand in the marketplace, Seven Kings retained ownership of the name and all facilities will keep the brand along with the core values of providing the highest quality family experience, as well as protecting the environment for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

Seven Kings has a substantial, credible presence in the development and financial communities. Its presence is welcomed through sensible, sustained, and ecologically sound development practices, bringing substantial economic benefits to the communities in which they develop, acquire, and manage properties.

Capabilities in Real Estate

Seven Kings Holdings, Inc. is a private real estate development and management firm recognized for its diligence in creating, acquiring, holding, and managing marina, resort, residential, and commercial properties and communities, nationally and in the Southeast.


Founded and managed by principals J.C. Solomon II and Raymond E. Graziotto, Seven Kings continues a more than 30-year track record in the development of significant real estate projects, including marinas and yacht clubs, office towers, hotels, single-family and estate subdivisions, and multifamily luxury and apartment communities.

Seven Kings is uniquely qualified to lead in land development, exhibiting the combined governmental, regulatory, financial, and industry expertise required in all phases of the real estate development process. From site identification, conceptual design, land use approvals, architectural and engineering studies, and construction package, to financing, constructing, and maintaining the property as an active part of the real estate portfolio, Seven Kings demonstrates financial stability, sound decision making, and responsible community design.


Principals of the Jupiter-based Seven Kings have more than three decades of experience in real estate development and sales, and development, management, and operation of marinas, luxury residential and multifamily communities, commercial real estate, and hospitality properties.


Seven Kings continues to grow through the reinvestment of capital proceeds to expand and further the business. It maintains strong, individual financial strength, combining the elements of being well funded and capitalized, with excellent relationships within the local and national banking communities.

Senior Management

The senior management team is a close-knit group of industry experts who thrive on collaboration and new challenges.