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J.C. Solomon II, CEO

Partner & Chief Executive Officer

J.C. Solomon II is the founder, a partner, and chief executive officer of the Company. A 1974 graduate of West Virginia University, he has over 45 yrs experience of national and statewide experience in real estate acquisition, development, and property portfolio management.

Mr. Solomon has been in real estate and land development since 1976, and his background includes experience in marina, hotel, multifamily, single family, and commercial property development, acquisition, and management. He has participated in development, acquisitions, and strategic Company transactions in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and Florida. During his over 33-year career in the development industry, Mr. Solomon has been a corporate partner and manager in hotels; sales, ownership, and development of mobile homes and parks, including the largest sales units in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland; real estate and land development of residential land and housing; office space and apartment properties, including owning and developing over 3,000 apartment units, four hotels, and 400,000 square feet of office space. Mr. Solomon extended his expertise to the Florida operation in 1989, and he currently participates in the development of corporate strategy, strategic investment, acquisitions, and development of all Seven Kings Holdings, Inc.’s properties and portfolio.

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