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Thomas W. Sheppard

Compliance & Safety Coordinator

Tom Sheppard is a member of the senior management team and is the Compliance and Safety Coordinator for the Company. Mr. Sheppard has over 38 years of experience with marina operations and provides extensive expertise in the marina division, including harbormaster operations, advisory and special project activities for the Company, and its high-end marina portfolio currently owned and in development. He has been with the Company since 1998, and is responsible for a wide variation of duties including training, contract management, grant funding programs and new acquisitions. His experience is national in scope, and he has been a Florida resident since 1975.

Mr. Sheppard has served on the Board of the Marine Industry Association of Palm Beach County, and is a current member of the Clean Boating Partnership, the state advisory board to the Clean Marina™ Program. Seven Kings Holdings, Inc. benefits from Mr. Sheppard’s substantial knowledge and experience with Florida’s marinas and waterways, in addition to his marina development, management, and knowledge of Florida’s clean water management strategies.

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