Seven Kings Holdings was born from an entrepreneurial spirit to learn and build from the ground up. Its principals, J.C. Solomon II and Raymond E. Graziotto, have more than four decades of experience in real estate development and sales, and acquisition, management, and operation.

West Palm Beach at sunset


Seven Kings Holdings is recognized for its success in identifying underperforming assets and transforming them into valuable portfolio holdings. Its credible presence is welcome in the development and financial communities thanks to sensible, sustained, and ecologically sound development practices that bring economic benefits to the communities Seven Kings develops.


Seven Kings Holdings management team consists of industry experts who thrive on collaboration and new challenges. Our diligence and creativity are evident in our 40-year track record.


Seven Kings Holdings continues to grow through strategic reinvestment. Our financial stability is maintained through a combination of solid funding and our relationships within the local, regional, and national banking communities. Seven Kings’ reputation with lenders is unmatched in regards to prompt payments and full return of capital.